Encourage Good Behavior In Kids In Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

Are you aware that 50,000 crashes happen in parking lots every year? This can result in more than 60,000 injured and 500 deaths a year. The statistics are staggering, this is why it’s important to ensure that your kids are safe when you are in a Winter Haven parking lot paving.

Just because you are not driving and your car is in a standstill doesn’t mean that your kids won’t get in an accident. The parking lot is still where some drivers carelessly drive too fast. They can hit your child if he’s not holding onto you and running off in the middle of the parking lot.

You can stop this incident from happening if you will talk to your child about the proper etiquette when in the parking lot. Having an understanding with him or her about how he or she should behave when in the parking lot should put a damper to accidents.

Establish Rules

If you are in the habit of bringing your children to the grocery store or the mall, there’s a good chance that you will pass by a parking lot before entering the establishment. Create some ground rules for your kids.

Explain to them why it’s not okay for them to run in the Winter Haven parking lot paving and play around. If it’s okay for them to play in the playground, it’s because the area is made for play. But the parking lot is not.

Explain that to them. Some of the most basic rules for children in the parking lot are not to play around other cars, not to cross the driveway, and hold on to an adult’s hand always.

Remember The STAR Method

It’s easier for your kids to remember an acronym, right? Here’s an acronym for kids to remember when they are in the parking lot: STAR.

S is for stop and stand after getting out of the car. T is to touch a designated part of the car while they are waiting for you to fix the things and alight from your side.

A is to pay attention. R is to be ready to grab an adult’s hand when it’s time to go. This should be the same rule when you’re exiting the building and going to the parking lot.

Reward Good Behavior

If your kids did a good job following your rules in the Winter Haven parking lot paving, you should reward their behavior with praises. You can give them star stickers for following the rules.

They can collect the stickers and then they can claim a prize once they reached a certain number. You can also buy their favorite ice cream so that they will always follow the rules that you set.

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