The Effect of Foot And Vehicle Traffic On Lakeland Parking Lot Paving

It may sound silly to actually have to protect a Lakeland parking lot paving from foot and vehicle traffic because these two factors could cause distress on the pavement and shorten its lifestyle. Didn’t you pay thousands of dollars for a smooth pavement, so that you, your family, your employees, and your customers could pass on it without a care in the world? Doesn’t the money you paid for it a guarantee that the pavement will last for a long time and that it’s a worthy investment?

One, it is a worthy investment and one that you should make again even if you’re given the chance to go back in time. A business without a good parking lot is robbed off the opportunity to attract customers who have cars they can’t simply leave in dirt roads and graveled parking spaces. They want to make sure that their vehicles, which they bought with their hard-earned money, will be safe and secure. Unfortunately, without a smooth pavement, that is not truly possible.

Two, an asphalt pavement is not a guarantee that you can use it over and over without so much as maintaining it or spending money for its annual checkup. A pavement is basically like your own car, too. It needs routine maintenance and its problems need to be addressed as soon as they crop up. That means when you see a crack or a small pothole on it, you need to find ways to solve that issue.

That being said, foot and vehicle traffic are the two factors that we rarely consider when thinking of reasons why the pavement suddenly got distressed or why there are cracks on the edge. Weather and weak pavement structure are not the only reasons why your asphalt pavement won’t last for a long time. Careless use of the pavement could also lead to its early demise, so to speak.

Do you truly want to spend thousands of dollars once more on your pavement just because you neglected it? No, right? Vehicles parked or passing on your pavement could spill oil and other chemicals on the surface. This could potentially weaken the asphalt and the chemicals could seep into the pavement and down into the sub-base layers.

On the other hand, people can become careless and irresponsible when stepping onto an asphalt pavement. They may play around and kick stones and chunks of asphalt that popped out of the surface. They may kick the edges of the pavement, so that cracks could start to spread. Even if it’s unintentional, the effect would be the same—the deterioration of the Lakeland parking lot paving.

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