How Easy It Is To Repair A Plant City Parking Lot Paving Made of Asphalt?

The reason why many homeowners and business owners are choosing asphalt over concrete is because of the difference in the amount of time it takes to repair and maintain them. If your Plant City parking lot paving, for example, is made out of asphalt, it will only take a couple of days for the pavement distresses to be addressed. This is opposed to the amount of time it takes a cemented pavement to be repaired and to be ready for traffic again.

The truth is, asphalt hardly needs to be repaired over and over again. Do you know why? Because it is durable and more flexible than concrete can ever hope to be. This means that when heavy trucks and other vehicles drive on the pavement, a material like asphalt can withstand the weight of the vehicles. It can contract and expand along with the temperature which makes it less susceptible to cracking, alligator lines, potholes, and many other pavement distresses.

Asphalt pavements rarely need to be repaired, too. There are preventive maintenance measures that owners can do for their asphalt pavements. One of the most popular is sealcoating the top layer of the pavement. Applying the sealcoat is fairly easy and it will make the asphalt look aesthetically pleasing, almost as if it is brand new. Sealcoating is done every two years to make sure that the previous coat did not disintegrate under the weather. When owners do their due diligence with sealcoating, an asphalt pavement may last for more than 25 years.

If you notice cracks on the pavement, there is an effective solution, too. Unlike with concrete which easily requires major repairs once cracks appear, asphalt pavements are easier to handle and there are measures to be taken that would not require that much money. Crack sealing, for example, is an effective solution to many of the distresses that we see on our pavements.

A good time to do crack sealing is when the pavement is in fair or good condition. This means that there are no major repairs needed and the pavement is passable for vehicles. Pavement problems are magnified when water gets into the pavement and down into the sublayers. Water can easily get into the pavement when there are cracks and the owners did not prevent further damage through crack sealing. If water can be kept out of the pavement, a lot of major distresses can be prevented.

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