How Durable Is Asphalt As Material For Your Parking Lot?

To first understand the durability of asphalt as Lakeland parking lot paving, we must begin defining what it is. Asphalt paving is a high quality and controlled engineering material made from aggregates such as stones, gravel and sand that used asphalt cement as the binder.

It is made by mixing these aggregates with asphalt cement and mineral fillers. The asphalt cement is from the family of crude oil, and it acts as a “glue” in the mixture for asphalt paving.

“Perpetual pavement”

Asphalt paving is also called the perpetual pavement because it can last for many years with minimal management and maintenance. Some national roads and tunnels, including portions of Interstate 90 in Washington State and the New Jersey Turnpike, is made of asphalt.

The portions at the Interstate 90 have been in place since their original construction in 1935. No major rehabilitation for structural reasons have been made since then. The New Jersey turnpike, on the other hand, was made in 1951 but never had a failure in pavement structure. According to its chief engineer, it should last for more than 50 years.

Aside from these two roads, there are many highways and streets made of asphalt in the United States. It is only natural for asphalt to be chosen for Lakeland parking lot paving because it can last for a lifetime with only the top surface being repaired or replaced.

Of course, with today’s technology, there are loads of other factors that can contribute to the durability or the deterioration of asphalt paving. In fact, in the 1970s, sulphur was being incorporated in road and even parking lot construction to make them more durable from wear and tear. But the storage, foul odor and the danger of mixing sulphur led to the practice’s demise.

Four decades later in 2012, thanks to advancement in technology, this strategy was revived. Shell has experimented with applying sulphur to base and binder courses in road construction.

Studies later on found out that the mixture of sulphur in the asphalt mixture for pavement construction increases the road’s or parking lot’s longevity. It can also reduce the whole life cost of the pavement.

So, when choosing asphalt for your Lakeland parking lot paving, you know you’re choosing the best material for your property. Not only is asphalt a cheaper alternative for your parking lot, it is also more durable and would therefore increase the earning potential of your property.

Remember, before signing that contract, make sure to understand all the kinds of material that will be used on your property. Asphalt, even though it may sound simple to understand, is composed of several components before it was made durable.

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