Driving On Smooth Asphalt Pavement

No one wants to drive on a rough dirt road. Even those who own a 4X4 with its humongous wheels and powerful suspension system hate a bumpy ride. Have you ever parked on an unpaved lot? Is it worth the dollars you worked hard for? No one wants to pay $10 to park on an unpaved lot, right? The fact is, drivers love to drive on a smooth surface. That can only be possible when you have a Lakeland parking lot paving, which ensures longevity and requires less maintenance in the long run.

What makes asphalt pavement smooth?

If you notice, asphalt roads have no “joints” that disrupt the drive every few yards or more. That is because asphalt roads are constructed with a mixture of materials that are continuously paved for a smooth surface. It also doesn’t require transverse expansion joints, so there is no disruption on the ride.

But much more than that, the asphalt’s design and structure, as well as their intrinsically flexible nature, assures the smoothness of the pavement as compared to other pavement options.

Smoothness has always been seen as evidence of good construction, quality material and high-grade technology. A Lakeland parking lot paving that was built smooth during construction is more likely to remain smooth longer than other paving methods.

It is important that your parking lot paving was constructed rightly from the start because this will also determine the maintenance and longevity of that property. If you chose to use lower-grade and low-quality materials, there’s a good chance your asphalt pavement won’t last as long as it should. And remember, a high-quality asphalt pavement can last for more than a decade (with proper maintenance, of course).

If you decide to use Perpetual Paving, then you have a better chance of having a long-lasting parking lot pavement. These kinds of pavement are designed and structured to last longer and maybe, indefinitely. Some of these pavements stand the test of time and with asphalt overlaying every 10 or 15 years, it can last to more than a lifetime.

The simple maintenance of applying asphalt overlay or milling the surface underline the asphalt’s consistency and stability under any kind of weather conditions.

And the best thing about asphalt is that asphalt overlay cannot only be applied on asphalt pavement. It can be used on top of an old and depleted concrete pavement, too, to restore performance of that road and assure a smooth ride for the drivers.

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