Drainage in Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving

Drainage should be one of the first things to consider when it comes to installing your Plant City parking lot paving. It is one of the most important factors in guaranteeing the lifespan and quality of your parking lot pavement. Water is one of the most significant culprits when it comes to your asphalt paving.

This is because standing water can prove to be disastrous when left unattended on the surface on your pavement. When water is left on the surface of your paving, this can lead to more serious kinds of damage to your pavement. If there are cracks on your paving, the water can get in, and nestle there.

When the colder seasons hit, the water will freeze and expand, which causes the area around it to expand as well. When it gets warmer, it melts, and it contracts. This cycle repeats over and over until the pavement forms more cracks, or worse, the internal foundation is so weak that it collapses in on itself, resulting in what is commonly known as a pothole.

Water can wreak all kinds of havoc on pavement, which is why good paving companies take the time to consider the drainage of the pavement to make sure that water doesn’t remain on the surface of the paving for too long.


In order to design a proper drainage system for your Plant City parking lot paving, paving companies measure the slope of your parking lot in order to make sure that the water is actually being drained off the surface of the pavement.

Your parking lot is designed with the most efficient method of running water off the surface of your pavement in mind. Pavement surfaces are designed with about an average of about one percent slope. However, it depends on the surface that it is being built on.

Signs of improper drainage

You can usually detect if the drainage system in your pavement isn’t functioning as it should be. One of the biggest signs of drainage failure in your parking lot paving is the fact that there are signs of standing water on your pavement.

All parking lots are designed with a drainage system, and if it fails in its most basic function of draining water, then it has already failed.

Another significant sign of drainage failure in your Plant City parking lot paving is that there is dirt and debris found on your pavement.

Dirt and debris are often swept along with water when it is being drained, and it eventually ends up in your catch basin. If there is an abundance of debris on your asphalt surface, then there may be something wrong with your pavement’s drainage.

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