Does Your Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Need a Resurfacing?

When it comes to maintaining your Lakeland parking lot paving, there are a few general forms of repair that every parking lot pavement owner is more than familiar with. General cleaning and crack filling and sealing are just a few of these common forms of maintenance on your parking lot. Any parking lot paving owner is aware of important regular forms of maintenance are to the health of your parking lot.

However, it’s also important to recognize when your efforts are no longer doing much good against the damage sustained on your Lakeland parking lot paving. If it looks like it’s not helping anymore, a pavement resurfacing may be needed. Learn to recognize the signs of the need for a pavement resurfacing here.

What is pavement resurfacing?

Before anything else, you should first be educated on what exactly pavement resurfacing is and how it’s going to affect your pavement. From the name itself, it’s pretty easy to figure out what pavement resurfacing is. This is the method of replacing the surface of your pavement with a new one if the old surface has been too damaged.

It’s important to understand the difference between repaving and resurfacing. Repaving your parking lot requires having to redo the entire pavement while resurfacing is simply a matter of replacing the surface layer. However, both methods are considered major forms of repair for your pavement.

Too expensive to repair

One of the most common reasons why any pavement needs a resurfacing is mostly due to the fact that there may come a point when the damage sustained to your parking lot is too extensive for small crack repairs. If it gets to the point where the cost of repairing surface issues is too expensive, it might be much easier for you to simply have the entire surface replaced. As long as the foundation is still structurally sound, then resurfacing will suffice.

How is this carried out?

The process of a Lakeland parking lot paving resurfacing is a very straightforward process. However, you should note that your paving is going to be shut down in order for this to be carried out effectively. The surface must first be cleaned to remove any debris on the paving surface. The old surface is torn up and removed, leaving the base layer behind. The new asphalt is then poured out and smoothed over, giving your pavement the new surface that it needs.

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