Different Types of Asphalt for Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

When it comes to planning out your Winter Haven parking lot paving, it is important to note what your paving is going to be used for, including the load that it’s going to take and how much traffic it’s going to be handling. Something that many people aren’t aware of is that there are different kinds of asphalt for different types of surfaces. Depending on its use, you should know what type of asphalt you’re going to be needing for your paving needs. To give you a hand, here are the different types of asphalt and what they can be used for.

Porous Asphalt

Porous asphalt is a great way to help control flood waters and can be considered a green option for your paving needs because of its ability to improve the quality of the groundwater below. Because of its coarser blend, any water that is collected at the top is safely drained into the soil below through a middle layer. This makes it easier for locations with high rainfall to prevent any water damage from occurring to their paving.

Hot Mix Asphalt

Hot mix asphalt is typically used for driveways. It is very durable, easy to install and repair, and is pretty inexpensive. It’s also fairly low maintenance, can handle freezing and thawing that plagues most asphalt paving, and can withstand a range of temperature changes. Because of its clean finish. Many homeowners typically prefer this type of asphalt paving for their driveways.

Quiet Asphalt

Many businesses prefer this type of asphalt paving because of its of its ability to reduce traffic noise by a significant amount. This helps manage noise pollution found in residential areas where noise may severely affected by noise and in locations that receive a high amount of traffic. Instead of having to invest in more expensive options like sound barriers, these are a more cost-effective solution.

Warm Mix Asphalt

Warm mix asphalt is mixed, as the name suggests, at lower temperatures compared to hot mix asphalt. Typically mixed at reduced temperatures of fifty to one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Like porous asphalt, warm mix asphalt can be used as a green option for your asphalt paving needs. This is because the lower temperatures used to mix this blend of asphalt use up significantly less fuel and reduces the production of greenhouse gases.

Perpetual Paving

Perpetual paving is a type of paving that is meant to last a long by using a multi-layer paving procedure. It comprises of three different layers: a strong, yet flexible base that is designed to deflect any cracks in the bottom, a sturdy permanent layer, and a top driving surface. The top layer is the only one that is periodically replaced, which reduces costs and repair time.

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