Different Equipment Used in Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Projects

The Winter Haven parking lot paving process is something that leaves many laymen at a loss. It is a fascinating thing to witness, having multiple machines come in to install the smooth asphalt parking lot that we are all familiar with. The roads and parking lots that they build are ones that we drive and walk on them every day, but have you ever wondered about the equipment that is used to build them? Read on to learn more about the different equipment used in Winter Haven parking lot paving projects here.

Milling machines

Milling is performed on your pavement to remove the top layer of your asphalt paving so that it can make way for the new pavement installation. Milling machines only remove the top layer of the pavement, no more than that. Milling needs to be done so that you are left with the foundation layers of the pavement, instead of installing a fresh surface on broken paving.


After the pavement has been milled by the milling machines, a sweeper comes in to sweep away large particles away from the area. Not only does this make the area neater, but this is also used to help make sure that when the new layer of asphalt is poured onto the paving, it is clear of any debris. Debris in the form of small rocks that can be left behind after the milling process can affect how the new pavement bonds with the base layer, so this needs to be thoroughly cleaned of any dirt and debris.

Dump trucks

Dump trucks are heavily used in any Winter Haven parking lot paving project to help move asphalt from the plant to the project site. There are different types of dump trucks and each one can be used in various ways to help keep the paving project going smoothly.


Compaction is a large part of the paving process, as this is the stage that helps guarantee that your freshly installed asphalt pavement is strong enough to withstand the expected traffic load that you have set for it, as well as give your asphalt that smooth, clean look that asphalt is well known for.

Of course, there are plenty of pieces of equipment that make up what is needed for the average asphalt paving job, but those listed above as some of the most common types of equipment that you can expect to see during a paving project. This should give you a clearer idea of what goes on during a paving project.

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