Designing Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

Winter Haven parking lot pavingYou may think that after stripping off your pavement and putting a new one that the job is done? Your Winter Haven parking lot paving needs more than just a new surface. It needs designing. It needs the proper road signs. It needs line striping.

It’s not enough that you maintain and do regular checkups on your pavement. What matters also is that the people who’ll pass by that pavement will be guided accordingly. Where should the limits be in parking spaces? How many handicap parking spaces should be allotted? Where are the entrance/exit signs? In the grand scheme of things, all of these things matter because they will help make it an easier trip for your customers/clients.


What are the road signs you are familiar with? A good parking lot must have adequate road signs such as stop, go, turn right only, turn left only, etc. These directional signages will help drivers know where to go once they enter your parking lot. It will also prevent accidents from happening in your property. If there is no proper signage of where the exit/entrance is, vehicles may crash against each other accidentally. If your ramp happens to only accommodate one vehicle, for example, the absence of a stop and go light can cause serious injuries to the drivers and passengers.

Curb and guttering

Curb and guttering is an important aspect of parking lot pavement. Some people drive really fast even in parking lots. Gutters and curbs can stop or slow them down. This is why it’s important to make sure that the right height of gutters and curbs are installed on the parking lot.

Vehicle stops and bollards

Know those orange cones? There’s a reason why these orange cones are installed in parking lots and driveways. It’s a physical sign for drivers to stop and to go. It will also act as delineations where vehicles should park.

Line striping  

How would a parking lot look without line striping? This needs to be done as soon as the pavement dries out. Why? Because accidents happen all the time even without road signs and striping on parking lots and driveways. Imagine what chaos could happen without proper signages. Drivers need to be guided accordingly. Without proper guidance, they would be free to do as they want and some are not as considerate on the road as others or the law would want them to be.

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