Decide Between a Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Quick Fix or Replacement

Anybody who has owned a Lakeland parking lot paving is familiar with how much work and maintenance goes into keeping an asphalt pavement in decent working condition. This is why a good pavement maintenance plan needs enough time and resources allocated to it on a yearly basis to help the property owner get the most out of their investment.

However, as important as pavement maintenance is, one of the most essential things that a parking lot owner needs to recognize is when to repair and when you need to replace your pavement.

At a certain point, pavement repairs will end up costing you more when the damage is too extensive, which is when you need to replace the pavement. Read on to find out when you should perform a quick fix for your Lakeland parking lot paving, or when you should replace it.

Extent of the damage

One of the very first things that you need to look at is the extent of the damage that you see in your parking lot. If the damage is small and manageable, like a few cracks here and there, then obviously, a quick repair will do the trick for your pavement.

However, if you find that the extent of the damage will cost you a lot of time and money to the point where a pavement replacement seems like the more cost-effective option, then a pavement replacement will do you good. It’s important to perform regular visual inspections of your pavement so that you know what condition it is in.

Age of the pavement

Age is a very important factor to consider in the care and maintenance of your Lakeland parking lot paving because no parking lot is designed to last forever. Time will eventually cause your parking lot to break down, resulting in the damage that you are currently dealing with.

This is why regular maintenance is needed; it helps hold back the extent of the damage that your pavement will be dealing with when it is still relatively new. If your paving reaches a certain age, then you can safely expect to handle a replacement, rather than a quick fix, as repairing an aging asphalt parking lot will be costlier than a straightforward pavement replacement.

This is because aging parking lots do not handle repairs well, will eventually break down faster, and there is a strong chance that you will be performing repairs far more frequently than is needed. It will be easier and less costly to simply replace the pavement entirely.

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