Dealing With White Spots On Your Lakeland Parking Lot Paving After Sealcoating

One of the most important forms of maintenance that you need to do for your Lakeland parking lot paving is the seal coating. A seal coating can go a long way in making sure that your pavement lasts a long time because this is the process that helps protect your pavement against the natural elements and other common causes of pavement damage while refreshing its look.

Seal coating is a very important part of pavement maintenance, which is why some pavement owners are very paranoid about making sure that this process is carried out. As a result, if there is something that appears out of the ordinary, they will be very quick to point this out.

One thing that you should anticipate in your Lakeland parking lot paving seal coating is the development of white spots on the surface of your pavement after the seal coating process. Some pavement owners are very quick to point this out because they expect their pavements to look absolutely perfect once the seal coating procedure has been completed.

If you come into the seal coating process expecting your parking lot to look absolutely perfect after the procedure, then this is something that you might notice. However, you should know that if there are any white spots that appear on your pavement, these spots are not a result of the seal coating process. In fact, these spots already existed on your parking lot before the seal coating.

The reason why you hadn’t noticed them is that before the seal coating, your pavement will have taken on a gray shade because of oxidation. Gray hides these white spots a lot easier than black does, so when your pavement has been seal coated, these spots are brought to light.

Fortunately, even if your pavement is found to have white spots, you shouldn’t worry because these are perfectly harmless to your pavement. The reason why these spots form is mainly due to minerals in the soil that come into contact with the asphalt. Minerals that cause these spots tend to contain salt, which is present in many types of rocks, including limestone, which is a very common mineral found in many materials, like gravel.

Keep in mind that if you do see these white spots on your Lakeland parking lot paving, the answer to this is not to add another layer of sealant. This will accomplish nothing as the spots will just show up in the same area. What you need to do is simply sit back and wait. Over time, the salt will be washed away by the natural elements, restoring your pavement to its original look.

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