Dealing With Scuffing On Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving

One of the biggest reasons why business owners invest in asphalt Plant City parking lot paving is that good asphalt pavement provides your business with a great visual appeal that can benefit you. The visual appeal of pavement is something that you need to pay attention to as a part of your asphalt pavement maintenance plan.

One important aesthetic issue that you need to watch out for is tire scuffing on your pavement. While seemingly harmless, the black scuffs can affect how your pavement looks, which hurts the aesthetic appeal of your pavement, so it helps to learn how you can deal with this. Read on to learn more about what causes scuff marks on your Plant City parking lot paving.

Heavy vehicles can cause scuffing

One unfortunate common cause of scuffing to your pavement is heavy vehicles driving on your pavement. Like it or not, but heavy vehicles like trucks and RVs can cause some serious scuffing on your parking lot. There’s not much that you can do about it, except to forbid the entry of these types of vehicles on your parking lot, but this move can hurt business.

Fresh asphalt or seal coating is more likely to be prone to scuffing

Keep in mind that when you have fresh asphalt applied on your pavement, it is still warm and is softer compared to older asphalt. As a result, fresh asphalt is more likely to show signs of scuffing. Because of this, you have to make sure that your pavement cures properly before you open your parking lot. However, this softness will last for a while until your pavement finally hardens to the durability that you need it to.

Put up more signs around your parking lot

Drivers’ bad driving habits are another common cause for scuffing in your parking lot. Sharp turns and sudden braking can lead to pavement scuffing. To help avoid this, put up more signs around your parking lot that discourage reckless driving and helps direct the flow of traffic better.

Don’t worry about it!

Even if your Plant City parking lot paving is showing signs of scuffing, do not despair! Unlike other forms of pavement damage, scuffing is entirely temporary and will eventually fade after a few months. While it looks unpleasant now, as long as you take the steps needed to keep the surface of your parking lot clean, then these scuff marks should fade from your pavement with little incident.

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