Dealing With Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Problems During The Holidays

In an ideal world, our asphalt pavements will always be in top shape and condition, there would be no cracks or alligator lines, there would be no potholes, there would be no drainage problems, and we don’t have to apply sealcoating every year to protect the pavement’s surface layer. More, we don’t have to pay a Lakeland parking lot paving contractor just to maintain, repair, and replace our parking lot pavements and driveways.

Unfortunately, this is the real world and in this world, we are obliged to take care of our properties, whether residential or commercial. We must always ensure and maintain its good condition so no accidents will happen and we won’t have someone’s property or life in our conscience.

During the holidays, taking care of our properties gets a little bit harder because even our paving contractor is on vacation and taking the time off from the stress of our daily lives. But when a problem arises on our pavement, that becomes something we cannot ignore and we sure cannot wait for the holidays to pass until we try to solve the problem… at least, temporarily.

So, what can we do when we’re forced to deal with a pavement issue by ourselves?

First, we should consider not using our Lakeland parking lot paving or our driveway. Sure, most of your customers will probably be annoyed at the inconvenience of having to find a parking space far from your property but that’s better than seeing them get into an accident. If it’s not a major pavement problem, you can put up warning signs to let your customers know which areas they should avoid when passing on your parking lot or driveway.

Second, we can do some minor repairs of our own. If it’s a major pothole, we can simply fill up the cracks by a sealant that we can buy in our local hardware. We can also mix a little cement and fill the hole/s up, so they won’t create a bigger problem once the holidays are over and the contractor comes around to checking the pavement.

Third, we can persuade the contractor to do business during the holidays and just pay the extra fee for the inconvenience. If it’s a major part of your Lakeland parking lot paving, you should let a professional see it as soon as possible. That’s why it’s important to maintain a good working relationship with your paving contractor. Who knows when you’ll be needing an emergency repair and they’ll be willing to give you a hand?

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