Dealing With Haines City Parking Lot Paving Contractors

If there’s one thing we all hate it is having to deal with Haines City parking lot paving contractors or any contractor, for that matter. When we see something in our house that needs fixing, one of our first thoughts is how frustrating it is to deal and negotiate with pavement contractors. It is pretty understandable because contractors are not only experts in their respective industries, but they are also good businessmen and negotiators. What they want is not only to deliver good service, but to earn a profit as well.

Open communication lines

Every contractor has his pros and cons just like every client has his. But the one thing that should be constant in the contractor-client relationship is the open communication lines. A contractor must be able to advise and suggest ideas to his clients while the clients must be allowed to say “no” or to beg to differ from what the contractor is suggesting to do. Though the contractor is the “expert” in this scenario, that should not give him all the power to manage the pavement project.

Be accessible

Whether you are working full-time or part-time or not at all, you need to be always accessible to your contractor. This means that when the contractor asks for your approval about certain parts of the project, you should be able to say “yes” or “no.” This will prevent misunderstandings from happening wherein a contractor and a client could potentially clash over a decision made by the former with consulting the latter.

Never undermine the workers

The ones you will see on the site are the workers and not the contractors or the business owners themselves. These are not the people you have negotiated with. So, if there was something wrong with the process, you should not take it out on them. Instead, call their bosses (their supervisors or their managers) and deal with them diplomatically. Do not undermine the workers just because you think you can.

Stop haggling once the contract was signed

Once the contract has been signed, that is binding already. You should stop haggling with the contractor every time you get the chance to because that will be irritating on his part. If you are the owner of the business, you would easily get irritated, too. So, the only way to have a good working relationship with the contractor is to stop persuading him to give you a discount once the contract was finalized.

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