Signs Of Water Damage In Your Parking Lot Pavement

Some states are ravished by typhoons at least a couple of months a year. During these times, businessmen are mostly unprepared with what’s about to happen to their Winter Haven parking lot paving. This is certainly something that every business owner should prepare for. After all, parking lot pavements don’t come cheap and any damage to it can affect your business indefinitely.

What can you do when water is damaging your parking lots? The important question is how do you know that your pavement is about to be affected by pooling water. There are signs, of course, and knowing what these signs are can help you prevent the issues that may crop up in the future.

Pooling or standing water

Aside from the fact that this is totally unhygienic, pooling water can seep into the pavement layers and downright to the base layer. When the layers below the surface weaken, there is a good possibility that you may have a sunken down area of the pavement. To prevent this, make sure that you clean up after a storm and drain any water that collected there.

Soft and wet spots

When water previously pooled on a certain area, it is more likely that it softened away the pavement. When it drains, that area will be left vulnerable to more serious concerns such as a deep pothole. That is why it’s important that you repave over these soft spots after a rainstorm, so water won’t seep into the cracks.

Separation of paving layers

Do you know that the impact of water can separate pavement layers? Yes, this happens. When you don’t address this problem, water can easily get into those cracks. It also weakens the base layer of the asphalt pavement. This is probably the biggest problem you can encounter as a business owner—once your base layers are in question. This means you have to strip away the surface layer of the asphalt and treat the layers below.

Deterioration of the curbs and drains

If your pavement has a non-working drain, there is a huge chance that the water will just pool into whatever sunken areas your parking lot has. A clogged drainage system is a huge problem because it will affect not only one part of the Winter Haven parking lot paving, but the whole of it. When and if this happens, you should immediately have your drainage system fixed and repaired.

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