Crack Routing and Your Haines City Parking Lot Paving

Using the method of crack routing to repair cracks in your Haines City parking lot paving is not a new, or revolutionary one. We cannot stress the importance of performing regular maintenance and repairs on your parking lot paving enough. Your parking lot should be kept clean from debris and chemicals such as oils and gasoline that come from the vehicles that park there.

Debris and chemicals can cause severe damage to the surface of your asphalt paving, which can affect your parking lot’s lifespan and durability. In addition to this, you should know that if you find any signs of cracking on the surface of your paving, you should have this filled/sealed as soon as possible. This is because pavement cracking can begin the sequence of events that may lead to more serious forms of parking lot paving damage.

It will save you significantly more time and money if you repair cracks as soon as you find them on your paving. Make sure you regularly inspect your paving for any of these. After all, as they say, prevention is better than cure.

Crack routing is one of the methods of repairing cracks on your paving, and it’s a highly effective one at that. It’s best paired with the method of crack sealing in order to guarantee maximum effectivity and extend the quality and lifespan of your paving. Crack routing is performed by using a machine to open up and widen the crack.

Wait, what? That’s right, this method of repair actually requires that you make the crack wider than it already was. Once the crack is wide and deep enough, crack sealing is performed. This is done by pouring sealant into the crack, filling and effectively sealing the crack. Crack routing and sealing are performed together in order to maximize the effectivity of this type of repair method.

You might be wondering why you should widen the crack even more when the main goal is to make sure that it doesn’t get any bigger. Wouldn’t it be easier and more efficient to simply pour in the sealant into the cracks? The reason why crack routing is so effective is because widening the crack before pouring in the sealant allows the sealant to permeate into the entire crack.

If you pour in the sealant on the crack without widening, chances are, you’re only sealing the top part of the crack, leaving the lower layers more vulnerable and potentially leading to more severe forms of damage on your Haines City parking lot paving.

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