Correlating Drainage To Plant City Parking Lot Paving

When we think about asphalt pavements and our Plant City parking lot paving, we merely focus on the material (asphalt or cement) to be used. We do not think about the one thing that holds everything together: an effective, cost-efficient, and reliable drainage system. Without a system that holds the water off the pavement and sends it to where it’s supposed to go, our pavements will be doomed from the very start.

The relationship goes far beyond than the aesthetics of the asphalt pavement. Failure to establish a sound and effective drainage system will prove detrimental to the pavement in the short and long term.

Even pavements in areas where there is little rain or snow will still be affected because of the natural moisture in the air that creates pockets of water in the pavement. When this moisture turns into a small pool of water and seeps into the sublayer of the pavement, that area can weaken and eventually collapse.

That is why it’s important for pavement owners to understand that the drainage system is a critical component of the whole paving process. Choosing the right contractor involves checking if it has the proper equipment and makes use of the best practices to build and develop a drainage system that won’t affect the overall aesthetics of your parking lot or driveway.

When customers and your neighbors look at your parking lot or driveway, there should be no indication that a network of pipes run under it. An indication that the contractor did a thorough and good job on your pavement is if the drainage system did not affect the totality of the pavement.

But how do you find a contractor that’s also as concerned about drainage as he should be?

Talk to the contractor

Talk to the contractor on a level that you would both understand, which means eliminating the technical jargons and just leveling with him.

Tell the contractor that you expect no drainage problem in the foreseeable future unless there’s an extreme situation like a major earthquake or a tsunami strikes the area where you’re doing your business. This would show and emphasize to the contractor the magnitude of the project.

Run the numbers

Having a proper drainage system installed will mean a bigger expense. Most contractors would charge astronomically for a system that includes replacing and repairing many of the pipes that run under a pavement.

You should expect the same when meeting with your paving contractor. Expect to shell out quite a significant amount for the pavement’s structure and drainage system.

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