Convincing Your Boss To Have A Lakeland Parking Lot Paving

Dealing with bosses can be tough, especially if they don’t like listening to the people they pay to give them such advices. Particularly, this is hard for those who are assigned to make decisions and recommend projects that will benefit the business in the long run. A Lakeland parking lot paving is one example of a business project that your employer may not necessarily warm up to because it will cost a huge amount of money.

So, how can you convince your boss that shelling out money for an investment like a parking lot is good for his business and will benefit him and his customers in the future?

Lay out all the benefits

Don’t start with how much it’s going to cost. It’s very likely that he wouldn’t listen to you if you start off by saying he needs thousands of dollars to fix the pavement of the whole parking lot. That’s not how this one goes. Instead, enumerate the benefits that having the parking lot will do to his business. Start by saying that customers will feel safer going to his establishment. They will be attracted to check out your business more than the other competition because you offer a secure place where they can leave their vehicles. Not all establishments are able to offer that. If you are going to invest in a structure that promises to bring customers, it might as well be a parking lot.

Explain how long the pavement will last

Asphalt pavements last for decades. Sometimes, up to 20 years. Tell your boss that a one-time investment will last for decades. How much would that thousands of dollars be in the next 20 years? What with inflation and all, that wouldn’t cost a dime already. Make sure that he understands this is an investment that will last for a long time and he doesn’t need to shell out that much money every single year. This isn’t going to be a part of the company’s operating expenses. All you need is to maintain the pavement properly, and it will serve its purpose for a long time.

Present a business opportunity

Having a parking lot is not only for your business’ customers. It can also provide an opportunity for you to earn an extra income. Your company, for example, can charge a parking fee by the hour, depending on the location of the property. You can open up your parking space as a paid parking lot for people who are not going to your business. As for your customers, you can offer it up for free as long as they are going to present a receipt as proof.

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