Consider Recycled Asphalt for Your Lakeland Parking Lot Paving

When you think of Lakeland parking lot paving and asphalt, what image comes to mind? Chances are, you’re thinking of a long stretch of clean blacktop that goes on for miles and miles as you drive along.

There’s something reassuring about the sight of an unmarred asphalt road. However, in order to achieve that, people assume that the best material to go with is fresh asphalt, which in itself is a great material to use for your pavement.

There is a more cost-effective alternative however, that not many people are aware of, or even consider: recycled asphalt. That’s right, because of its properties, asphalt has the ability to be recycled again and again, for as many times as needed. Not many people like to consider recycled asphalt because it doesn’t give the same perfect blacktop look that you come to expect from asphalt.

However, what it lacks in aesthetics is more than made up for in other areas. Here are some reasons why you should consider recycled asphalt for your next Lakeland parking lot paving project.

It’s great for the environment

One of the biggest advantages of using recycled asphalt for your paving project is that it’s great for the environment. Because it requires less resources to produce, it lessens the need for the fossil fuels that are needed during asphalt processing.

When you process new asphalt, there is a wide variety of materials that are needed to create the clean black, durable asphalt that you commonly see. When you process recycled asphalt, since it has already undergone that process, there is no need to use the same resources to process it again.

In addition to that, the material used in asphalt, the aggregate and oils cannot be decomposed, so if nobody uses the recycled asphalt, they cart it off the the landfill, where it ends up taking up space. Choosing recycled asphalt prevents these things from happening, and are a great environmentally friendly choice.

It’s more durable than the new stuff

Another reason why people don’t like to consider recycled asphalt for their Lakeland parking lot paving is because they think that the recycled version isn’t as strong as the freshly processed kind. This isn’t true.

Recycled asphalt is just as good as new asphalt, and at times, it is considered more durable than the newer type. This is because when it is processed again, it retains some of the tar from when it was last used, causing it bond more easily compared to new aggregate.

It will definitely save you money

From lower processing and installation costs, using recycled asphalt for your next Lakeland parking lot paving project will save you money all the way to the end.

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