Common Problems In Haines City Parking Lot Paving Projects

Plant City parking lot pavingA driveway or a Haines City parking lot paving must be functional and attractive. This is the first thing that a customer or a guest of your home will notice about you. Your customers and your guests will judge you according to how you accommodate them. It only makes sense to make sure that it has a good design and that it is well paved.

Here are the common problems we usually encounter when it comes to driveway and parking lot projects:

City regulations and permitting

The first thing that a contractor needs to do is finalize the design, the dimensions, and the property measurements of the area that needs paving. Once this is done, the contractor will also be the one to check out which city permits need to be accomplished. You can check out the list of requirements in most municipality websites. As a homeowner or a business owner, you have to make sure that the contract includes the completion of the permits. Some contractors leave this to the homeowner or the business owner.

Proper drainage

Driveways and parking lots face one major problem—drainage. This depends on the type of pavement that you will have installed. There are permeable pavements that will allow the water to drain straight down into the ground while asphalt and concrete pavements would usually shed water in sheets. It is important to direct the water away from the houses or the buildings because it could weaken the foundation of the establishment.


What is efflorescence? It is the temporary white staining on newly installed pavers. It can be alarming, yes, but remember that it is not a defect. The process is only natural, and it is simply lime leaching out of the stone pavement. This is quite easy to clean up and eventually, it will stop on its own.

A reputable Haines City parking lot paving contractor can help you with these challenges. Most business owners understandably don’t have the time or the energy to fix the local permits needed to install an asphalt or concrete pavement. A full service will eliminate all these problems.

If you want to make sure that you won’t face the same problems all over again, you should choose the right materials for your pavement. Commonly, you will be asked to choose between asphalt and concrete. Asphalt is the right choice to make because it is easy to maintain, it is cheaper, and it lasts longer.

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