Common Plant City Parking Lot Paving Misconceptions

Like any other industry out there, the Plant City parking lot paving industry has its own fair share of misconceptions that industry professionals are looking to get rid of. The problem with these misconceptions is the fact that if paving clients believe them, they will bear the brunt of the consequences.

If their paving fails as a result of these misconceptions, then either they have to pay a lot of money to amend it, or they may have to live with the faulty paving for the next ten years or so. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, here are some common Plant City parking lot paving misconceptions to stay away from.

Your paving will last forever

This is one of the biggest misconceptions. Plenty of people believe that once you have your paving installed, there is nothing to worry about and your paving will last forever. Unfortunately, while your paving can last a long time with the proper care and maintenance, it won’t last forever. However, putting in the needed effort helps make sure that it lasts long.

Immediate seal coating should be done immediately after installation

Seal coating is well-known as one of the best ways to protect your paving against all of the factors that can cause it damage. Because it’s so important, doesn’t that mean that the best thing to do is apply it as soon as possible?

However, you should wait before you apply seal coating on brand new asphalt pavement. Your paving needs time for it to cure so that it can be properly set. It is highly recommended that the first application of seal coating should only happen after at least a year since its installation.

You can reopen traffic immediately after asphalt work

A brand new asphalt pavement is always something exciting to show for your business, which explains why people want to reopen traffic right away. However, you need to give your pavement at least 24 hours to dry and set before traffic can be reopened. If you reopen too early, you run the risk of weakening the foundation of your paving, which can hurt the overall condition of your paving.

You need an evaluation only every few years or so

As much as possible, you should have a professional evaluation of your Plant City parking lot paving done every year. This helps you stay on top of the current condition of your paving, so if anything happens to it, you can get to it right away, minimizing the damage caused.

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