Common Misconceptions About Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

It can be easy to misunderstand the specifics of Winter Haven parking lot paving. After all, the mark of a good parking lot paving is to not inconvenience civilians with their construction, and that all that their clients should see is the final product. However, it is important to get our facts straight when it comes to the maintenance of our parking lot paving.

As long as we are properly informed, we are capable of making the right decisions when it comes to doing the right kind of maintenance on our parking lots. Understanding the specifics when it comes to your parking lot paving can help your company make the best financial decisions and give you peace of mind.

Misconception Number 1:

Sealcoating should be applied immediately after laying down new asphalt to get that nice finish.

This is a pretty common misconception when it comes to sealcoating. One would assume that in order to get the maximum benefit and early protection for your new asphalt paving, you should immediately have a layer of sealcoating applied to not waste any time. This is false because you should give your paving enough time to cure and to allow the oils on the surface to dissipate. After a period of about a year and a half, the first sealcoating can be applied on to your paving. Afterwards, it is recommended to have a regular application of sealcoating every two to three years depending on the amount of traffic your paving recieves, to maintain the quality of your parking lot.

Misconception Number 2:

Your paving can last up to 25 years without having to do any kind of major restoration as long as you do small maintenance jobs here and there.

No matter how well you maintain your parking lot paving by performing regular sealcoating and crack filling, your parking lot will eventually deteriorate naturally because of the elements, and no amount of maintenance can stop that. Major restructural restoration must be performed on your paving in order to keep it going for another 25 years.

Misconception Number 3:

Once your asphalt has been applied, traffic can be opened for that area.

This is false because like paint, asphalt needs some time to dry before the area can be opened again to the public. If you were to open traffic on a lot of paving too early, the foundation might be weak, and the asphalt may have bonded to the pavement ineffectively.

Misconception Number 4:

Pavement evaluations should be conducted every 5 years.

The pavement evaluations for your Winter Haven parking lot paving must be done on a regular, annual basis to make sure that everything going on with your paving is as it should be, and determine if any repairs may be needed.

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