Common Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Eyesores and How to Deal With Them

One of the main reasons why a business owner wants to have an asphalt Lakeland parking lot paving installed on their property is to boost the visual appeal of their physical store. Of course, a good parking lot offers other benefits, such as providing your customers with a safe location to park, which improves your business’s reputation.

However, the visual appeal of a clean asphalt paving can help go a long way in helping a physical store, which is a large part of why businesses invest in asphalt paving.

If you want to protect your investment, you have to watch out for anything that can cause to damage to the pavement’s surface, which can lead to it being an eyesore. Read on to learn more about some of the most common Lakeland parking lot paving eyesores and how you should deal with them.

Faded pavement lines

When your pavement is freshly installed, you will see that the newly painted pavement marking contrast nicely with the clean blacktop, which is a large part of the appeal of asphalt pavement.

However, like many things in life, it will eventually fade with age, which can take away from the visual appeal of the pavement. To deal with this, you should make sure to schedule regular repaintings of the lines of your paving.

Not only will this bring your pavement’s look back to life, but it will also help with maintaining the safety of your parking lot, as these lines help guide drivers and pedestrians through the traffic of your paving.

Oil stains

Because your parking lot is designed to host a lot of cars, the presence of oil and gasoline stains will not be new to you. However, it’s important that you handle these as soon as possible, as they can cause extensive damage to your pavement if left unchecked, and look unsightly, to boot.

Tree root growth

Planting trees and bushes around your parking lot is a good way of sprucing up the look of your parking lot, but you have to watch out to make sure that the plant growth does not break into your pavement.

This can happen if you do not plan the placement of your plants around your Lakeland parking lot pavement properly. To avoid this, you have to make sure that you coordinate with your parking lot paving contractor and map out the proper placement of any trees and other forms of vegetation around your parking lot so that any growth does not end up damaging your pavement.

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