Common Haines City Parking Lot Paving Issues Related to Poor Installation

We have constantly talked about the importance of the entire process of installing your Haines City parking lot paving. We’ve talked about the importance of preparing the area for installation, as well as the compaction process, and how important it is that it should be done right.

However, what happens if the installation doesn’t go well? We all know that having a poorly installed pavement will lead to issues down the road. For example, you may be experiencing forms of damage that are typically seen only after several years, and they’re showing up in as little as a year after pavement installation.

But what do these issues look like exactly? Here are some issues you might see in your paving as a result of poor or improper paving installation.


One of the biggest issues that you can see in an improperly installed paving is problems with drainage. Since water is one of the worst culprits of parking lot paving damage, you want a properly installed drainage system in your paving. An improperly installed paving can lead to a drainage system that doesn’t work well, and this is something that you want to avoid.

Compaction Issues

When it comes to improper paving installation, one of the biggest reasons why the installation fails is because of improper compaction. Compaction is what determines the strength of your paving, and if it isn’t done well, then the structural integrity of your paving will definitely suffer.


Asphalt levelling refers to preparing your pavement area o make sure that the asphalt that will be layered on top of it is level and uniform. Improper paving installation can result in a pavement surface that isn’t level, and may be a liability issue. Pedestrians and drivers may hurt themselves on an uneven pavement surface.


Raveling is one of those paving installation issues that occurs as a result of improper compaction. It can be characterized by a loss of bond between the asphalt binder and the aggregate that makes up your asphalt paving. This usually occurs if the pavement was installed during cold weather, which means that it was not given the proper amount of time to dry, and causes the binder to lose its ability to the aggregate.

What to Do

In order to prevent Haines City parking lot paving installation issues with your paving, make sure that you hire a reputable paving company to handle all of your paving work. Reputable companies help guarantee that your paving is installed according to legal paving installation guidelines, and take the time to make sure that your paving is installed properly.

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