Closing Down A Business For Lakeland Parking Lot Paving

If you are having your Lakeland parking lot paving paved, sealcoated, repaired, or replaced, one thing is for sure: it will have to close down for business at least for a few days or worst, a few weeks. Whenever this happens, businesses are always in limbo whether it’s the right call or if the investment is actually worth it. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it, right?

However, repair is not the only service that can be done on your asphalt pavements. More and more companies are actually looking for a preventive maintenance service provider. This means that the company can anticipate the problem before it actually comes true.

Don’t you worry, though, contractors are trained to work with business owners and their customers to establish a plan that will reduce or minimize the disruption of the traffic flow. The specifics of the plan will, of course, vary depending on the parking lot, the weather conditions, and the needs of the customers.

There are ways how you can manage the schedule of the repavement or sealcoating, of course.

  •       The contractor can choose to work at times when your business is closed or when it is receiving minimal traffic. Most contractors would offer to do the job at night or on weekends and on holidays. This means extra work for the contractors, but most pavement companies know how challenging it is for a client to close down a business for a day or two for their parking lot pavements or driveways.
  •       The work can be done in sections, especially if the size of the pavement is larger than average. The contractor can close down a section of the parking lot, for example, while the other sections will remain open to traffic. The common rule is that the larger the lot is, the more chances that “sectioning” can be done.

The time when customers can pass on the pavement will vary, depending on the materials used on the surface. If you simply had a sealcoating, you can open the pavement to pedestrians the next day although vehicles are still not allowed on it. As for freshly paved areas, they need at least 24 hours to completely dry. The process will also depend on the weather conditions. If it’s a bit chilly, the pavement will take a little longer to dry. If it’s done during the summer season, then you’re in for a luck because the pavement will dry faster.

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