Clear Signs Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Needs Resurfacing

Your Winter Haven parking lot paving is going to see a lot of activity, which is why, as a property owner, your primary responsibility is to keep it in good working condition. There are several services that you need to keep in constant rotation to make sure that your parking lot is kept in great condition. 

Aside from the usual services like pavement repairs and sealcoating, there are other services that you have to keep on hand for when you need them. Resurfacing is one of those services. 

Resurfacing is simply the process of installing a new surface over your existing Winter Haven parking lot paving when the original has seen too much damage. To determine if this is something that you need, here are some signs to watch out for. 

Large cracks

Cracks are a natural part of owning a parking lot. After all, your pavement will be dealing with several tons of metal on a daily basis, so a few cracks here and there are bound to show up. Part of your parking lot maintenance is supposed to include the filling and sealing of these cracks. 

However, if you find that these cracks are starting to get to the point where your repairs don’t seem to be making much of a dent, then it’s likely time to have the pavement resurfaced. Keep in mind that if the cracking on your pavement is caused by the installation or structural issues, then resurfacing isn’t going to help much with this. 

Excessive potholes

Potholes are easily identifiable as large depressions on the surface of your Winter Haven parking lot paving. You may run into a couple of these if you’re not careful with your pavement maintenance, but they are easily handled. However, if you have too many potholes in your parking lot, then it might be easier to simply resurface over it. 

Pooling water on your Winter Haven parking lot paving

Your parking lot is designed specifically to avoid the pooling of water on its surface. This is because standing water is one of the primary causes of pavement damage and causes plenty of long-term issues. If you see pooling water on the surface of your parking lot, then this is a sign that there is a major issue with your parking lot and likely the drainage system. 

In this case, pavement resurfacing might be your best bet for repair. However, keep in mind that if the pooling water can be attributed to issues like faulty installation, then resurfacing will not help at all, and you might have to have the entire pavement redone. 

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