Cleaning A Drainage System of Plant City Parking Lot Paving

The drainage system, especially if it is underground, of your Plant City parking lot paving, will require cleaning and maintenance from time to time. It is beneficial for any pavement to have a drainage system since any water on the pavement surface will be discarded through the system and into the ditches. This will help retain the foundation of the asphalt pavement.

Inadvertently, dust, rocks, debris, and other residues will get into the drainage system and may cause damage and blockage once in a while. This is why it’s important to check the drainage and clean it off any debris.

Here is the process followed by most professionals:

Opening the drainage cover

First, open the drainage cover or guard. It is usually attached to the opening with screws so you will need a screwdriver to unscrew them. A flathead screwdriver, in most cases, is the one you need.

Use the plumber’s snake

In most cases, the debris is stuck near the opening of the drainage. You will need a plumber’s snake to take the debris and residue out. This tool is long and flexible and enables you to push down to remove the clog.

Keep inserting it into the hole until you can push further downward, which means that the clog has been removed and will flow with the water once it gets in. You may have to do this several times until you feel that the clog has been removed.

Power wash the pipes

The power wash will put pressurized water into the pipes, therefore removing any dirt, residue, and debris that have stuck to the insides of the pipes. You may need to do this repeatedly until you see that the drainage is sucking in the water from the pavement surface correctly.

Shovel the dirt

If you know where the drainage system ends and where it pushes down all the dirt and debris from your pavement, go there and start shoveling the dirt you pushed with your plumber’s snake and power wash. Most of the debris is composed of sand, small rocks, and leaves.

Install the cover

Once you are done cleaning the pipes, don’t forget to put back the cover of the drainage. Screw them back on and make sure that the cover and guard are secured back into place.

Preventive actions

This action is best carried out after a heavy rainfall, which brings debris and residue to the drainage system. But to avoid having to do this cleaning task, make it a point to regularly sweep the pavement off rocks and other debris that can be carried along with the flow of the rainwater.

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