Checking The Legitimacy of The Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Company

When we finally find a Lakeland parking lot paving company that we think will be perfect for the project, we breathe a sigh of relief. But hold on for a moment because you may have forgotten that you also have to check if you’re dealing with a legitimate company.

Yes, this is an important step before taking in that plunge and signing the contract. Even if you’re dealing with a company that has a very known reputation in your area, you have to make sure that all their taxes and permits and licenses are current and none are expired.

Why? For one, we really shouldn’t work with dubious companies. It makes us accomplice to the “crime” of not paying the right taxes or not applying for the proper permits and licenses. If we keep supporting these fly-by-night contractors, none of the actual, legal and legitimate paving contractors would want to keep working in our area.

Eventually, we will lose this connection we have with the experts and turn them away to another industry or another state or city. Well, that’s a big problem once we want or need a professional paving contractor to look into our asphalt parking lots and driveways. Where will we get the people we need when we have pushed them away already?

Second, supporting businesses that are not paying the right taxes and fees to the US government is akin to making the crime, too. If we are aware that a paving company is not dutifully registered and we’re still doing business with it, we are knowingly committing a crime, too. We are being accomplices to running a business that has none of the permits and licenses needed for it to exist.

Third, when this paving contractor finally gets caught, the clients will suffer the consequences and the effects of the “crime.” The project won’t be finished.

The money you paid the contractor will be held until such time that a judge figures out what to do with the contractor and the money he has in the business. You will be left with half a pavement complete and with much of your money gone.

This is when you will look for a legitimate paving company that you will have to pay again to do the botched job that your previous contractor did. You’ll probably shell out the same amount of money and simply wait for a judge to demand your money to be returned.

And because of your involvement to the contractor, you might have to hire a lawyer that will represent you in court and express your non-involvement in the case.

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