Can My Haines City Parking Lot Paving Be Installed in the Rain?

So you might be in the market for a brand new Haines City parking lot paving, and you’ve been doing research around the area for a good paving company. However, you’ve kind of left the pavement installation for your parking lot a little late, and the summer season has passed.

Based from your research, you find that plenty of sites always recommend that all asphalt paving work be done during the warmer months. So you’re faced with a dilemma: do you wait for the next year’s summer season before having your asphalt paving installed, or do you take a risk and have it installed now, despite the fact that it’s been raining a lot?

We’ll talk about the importance of having your paving installed during the warmer months, and why it isn’t recommended that you have any of your asphalt paving work done during the rainy seasons.

The problem with rainy day paving work

To answer your main question, you really shouldn’t be scheduling any asphalt paving projects during the rainy season. Anything stronger than a light drizzle is already an issue for paving companies. This is because the damp can cause problems with the paving project that are going to be hard to improve or fix later on.

What happens when it rains in the middle of a project?

There may be times when the outlook of the asphalt pavement project looks good, and all of a sudden, rain comes pouring down and ruins the entire thing. How do paving companies deal with an issue like this? A good paving company takes the time and care to make sure that the job site is properly secured, and all equipment is properly shielded from the rain.

No dirt must be tracked on to the project area. Once the weather has passed, the pavement company makes sure that the temperature of the equipment and materials is adequate in order to guarantee proper compaction and a successful pavement installation.

What happens if the paving is worked on in the rain?

If a paving company works on the asphalt while it rains, this is going to pose a number of issues for the asphalt installation process, which will later on affect the quality of the asphalt installation.

As we’ve mentioned before, the rain is going to significantly interfere with the bonding process of the entire installation of your Haines City parking lot paving. If the asphalt is not binding properly, then you’re left with an inferior pavement, which will last nowhere near the expected life expectancy of the average asphalt pavement.

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