Can You Depend On Your Insurance For Your Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Woes

Winter Haven parking lot pavingWhat would happen if your Lakeland parking lot paving contractor has no insurance policy? Have you checked your contractor? What kind of insurance do they have? Are you covered? When hiring a contractor to work on your property, you should always make sure that they are insured, so you and your property stay safe even if something untoward happens.

Before signing a contract with them, one of the things you need to ask, aside from the usual business permits, tax certificates, and samples of past works, is a copy of their current certificate of liability. This should be requested for each and every subject. The certificate will tell you the scope of the insurance, and what falls under it and what does not.

These days, companies are trying to cut expenses by not signing up for a comprehensive insurance. Some don’t have an insurance policy at all. This is not only a problem for the contractor but for the clients as well, who may be subjected to risks. Imagine your pavement getting issues a year into the project. What kind of claim could you have?

The only way you can depend on your Lakeland parking lot paving insurance is if they got everything covered. The kind of insurance your contractor has can also affect the bidding process. For example, you are choosing between two companies. Do you ever wonder why another contractor could be so cheap and the other so “expensive”? If the “expensive” contractor is paying a full insurance annually, that would play a role in the price of the contract. On the other hand, the cheaper contractor could certainly lower the price of the project because they are not paying a full coverage or they don’t have insurance at all.

Never ever settle for a company that refuses to get full and comprehensive coverage. It’s basically like riding your insurance-less car to work. Aren’t you always afraid to get into accidents mainly because you and the care are not insured? The same fear should be felt when choosing a pavement company to get into contract with. There should be a certain element of fear that you may not be able to hold the company liable because there is no insurance policy to speak of.

So, before saying “yes” and signing that contract, ask for the certificate of liability and check if it’s current. There is nothing wrong with making sure you and your company or household are protected.

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