What Can Cause Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Installation Failure?

When you hire a Winter Haven parking lot paving company, you can usually trust the company to do good work to make sure that the paving is installed properly. If you’re dealing with something as high-profile as a pavement installation, always hire a reputable paving contractor and company, even if it seems like it would cost more.

Even if you save money on the installation by hiring a cheaper contractor, you will eventually end up paying more in maintenance and repairs. Reputable paving companies take all the necessary steps to make sure that your pavement gets the amount of care and treatment to guarantee that it lasts as long as expected.

However, if you go with a company that may save you more money in the beginning but have some questionable business practices, there’s a very high chance that your paving will see signs of early damage. In order to prevent pavement failure, a reputable paving company takes these factors that may cause failure into careful consideration.

Poor design

Of course, one of the biggest causes of Winter Haven parking lot paving installment failure can be traced back to poor pavement installation design.

Good parking lot paving companies take the time to plan out a design and installation strategy that will definitely hold up. The design also involves specifying the kind of asphalt mix needed, as well as how thick the layers should be.

So if the design is not followed to a T, or if there is a failure in the future because of a design flaw, then there is a good chance the that the paving company has decided to cut some corners during the installation process.


If you want a good asphalt paving that’ll last long, then it’s important that you build it on something that’s guaranteed to last.

No matter how great your pavement design and materials are, it’ll eventually fail if you build it on soil that won’t hold up. Good paving companies make sure that the soil is good before giving the go signal for paving installation to begin.

If the foundation of the paving hasn’t been considered, the paving will eventually fail at a faster rate. The repair needed for this will be expensive because the entire paving will have to be taken up and re-installed.


Temperature is one of the biggest factors that can cause a Winter Haven parking lot paving installation to fail. If the temperature of the asphalt or the area is too cold, then the paving can harden too quickly, causing it to become brittle and prone to breaking easily.

It’s always recommended to carry out asphalt paving installation and repairs during the warmer seasons to prevent this from happening.

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