Benefits Of Sealcoating The Pavement

There are a number of ways how we can protect our asphalt pavement, but none can be as effective as sealcoating it. Sealcoating is the process of applying a bituminous liquid mixture on an asphalt pavement. It will help prevent petroleum products such as oil and gasoline from seeping into the asphalt pavement. Sealcoating, in a nutshell, will act as a temporary barrier for a Lakeland parking lot paving to keep petroleum products, which can harm the pavement, at bay.

Here are the benefits of sealcoating your Lakeland parking lot paving:

Reduces repair costs

When your pavement is not sealcoated, the UV rays from the sun can directly harm it, as well as other materials that come from vehicles using your pavement. All of these can contribute to large maintenance costs which could be exorbitant, depending on the damage that can result from these harsh chemicals.

The sealcoating will act as a barrier for the pavement. These harmful chemicals and the sun’s UV rays would have to go through the sealcoating first before they can directly damage the asphalt pavement.

It also protect the pavement from snow, ice and rainwater, all of which can damage the asphalt pavement and can cost thousands of dollars in repair.

But this also means you have to re-apply the sealcoating every few years to maintain the gloss and ensure it is still protecting the asphalt pavement.

Accelerates the melting of snow and ice

Studies have shown that the components of the material used for sealcoating has the ability to melt snow and ice faster than direct contact with the asphalt pavement.

During the winter season, having a sealcoated pavement will help in clearing the driveway and the Lakeland parking lot paving without hassle.

Enhances the appearance of your pavement

An asphalt pavement without sealcoating can appear dull and boring. And because a lot of things can damage a pavement, a non-sealcoated pavement will easily get cracks and potholes in them, all of which will contribute to making it look dilapidated.

The sealcoating adds to the appearance of the pavement because it is glossy. It also has a cleaner and more upkept look than a pavement that has no sealcoating.

Prolongs the life of the pavement

Because it can protect the pavement from harsh chemicals, it is easy to see why sealcoating is largely credited for prolonging the life of an asphalt pavement. Although asphalt traditionally has a longer life than concrete material, applying sealcoating on it can prolong its life more than expected.

In the end, by just simply sealcoating your driveway or parking lot, you are already protecting an investment for a business or your own home.

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