A Beginner’s Guide to Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Terms

When looking into different Winter Haven parking lot paving companies, you may be overwhelmed by the unfamiliar terms and phrases used by these businesses. Learning the basic terms used in the paving business helps you become more knowledgeable about the specifics of parking lot paving, and allows you to make more informed decisions when choosing the right paving company for your needs.

Aggregate – Aggregate refers to the materials used in the construction of paving. These materials include sand, gravel, and stone. These materials are mixed with a binding agent in order to produce concrete or asphalt.

Asphalt – Asphalt is the generic term for asphalt concrete which is made through a mixture of aggregates and hot asphalt cement. It is then placed, compacted, and cooled down. Asphalt is also known as “flexible pavement”, and is designed to expand to accommodate heavier loads.

Asphalt Concrete – Asphalt concrete is the most common material used in road and parking lot paving. It is made by mixing aggregate and asphalt binder.

Base – The base is the layer of material which is placed underneath the asphalt concrete surface and above the subbase of the paving. This layer helps with drainage and will weight distribution and accomodation.

Blacktop – Blacktop is another generic name for asphalt concrete.

Concrete – Concrete is formed by mixing cement, sand, gravel, water, and then allowing it to dry. It is the common term for “Portland Cement Concrete Pavement”.

Cracking – Cracking is damage caused by excessive weight, or other factors such as climate. It is characterized by the separation found on the asphalt layer. There are many types of cracking in the paving business. These include alligator cracking, block cracking, longitudinal cracking, and reflection cracking, to name a few.

Digout – A digout refers to a process of repair by digging out an area of damaged paving and replacing the affected area with new asphalt concrete. This process helps minimize additional damage to the subgrade.

Fatigue – Fatigue is a term that refers to damage caused to the paving by regular heavy or excessive loads and traffic. This is characterized by the cracking from the bottom on the pavement, and is commonly known as alligator cracking.

Overlay – This is a process that places a layer of asphalt paving on top of existing paving in order to strengthen it and to extend its lifespan.

Pavement – Pavement is the laid down surface material which is designed to accommodate foot or vehicular traffic. This is usually made up of either asphalt or concrete.

Potholes – These are structural damage found on the surface of paving and is caused by the presence of water in the underlying structure of the pavement and can extend all the way to the base.

Seal-coating – This is the process of applying a coating to the pavement to preserve the current state of the paving and protects it against the weather and climate.

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