What is Asphalt Raveling in Your Haines City Parking Lot Paving?

Raveling is one of the most common forms of asphalt failure in your Haines City parking lot paving. Fortunately, because it is so common, it is also one of the most easily avoidable, as long as you work with a reputable asphalt paving company. Simply put, raveling is the deterioration or disintegration of the pavement surface caused by the dislodging of the aggregate from the asphalt binder.

Basically, the asphalt paving experiences a loss of the asphalt and rock that typically make up your paving. Raveling gets progressively worse over time, so if your paving begins to see signs to raveling, if unattended, it will eventually lead to losing a significant portion of your paving’s aggregate, which will require replacing. Asphalt raveling is characterized by a very rough and pitted surface on your paving, and the severity of the damage depends on how much of the aggregate has been lost.

There are a number of reasons behind why raveling occurs in asphalt paving. One of the most common causes of raveling is that a layer of dust forms on the surface of the paving, which results in the asphalt binder to bind with that layer of dust instead of with the aggregate.

Since the aggregate has nothing to bind with, it will eventually be worn off the paving. This is usually caused by dusty aggregate. It is important that the aggregate used in asphalt paving is clean of any dirt or dust that can cause this.

Another cause behind asphalt raveling is inadequate aggregate segregation. To help explain this, you have to understand that the aggregate that make up the mixture of asphalt is not made up of only one type of rock. A good asphalt mix is made up of different sized rocks. When the asphalt mix is laid down, the coarser material will leave air pockets in between the particles, which provides very few contact points for the binder to hold on to. To solve this, a good asphalt mix must have fine particles to fill in these air pockets and help bind the whole thing together.

If you think your paving is showing signs of raveling, you must contact a professional asphalt paving service to help assess and repair this damage. As mentioned before, if left unattended to, the damage can spread, leading to having to replace your entire Haines City parking lot paving. The extent of the repair in raveling depends on the severity of the damage. If the damage is low, then only that section of paving needs to be replaced. However, if the damage is extensive, it may be required that the entire paving must be replaced.

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