Asking For A Discount From A Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Contractor

While it’s nice to receive a major discount from our Winter Haven parking lot paving contractor, we shouldn’t force our partner to give one when the company is not willing to. Most of the time, we would receive discounts if we have done numerous projects with them in the past or we have been working on the same project again and again.

If you have been a long-time partner or client, there’s a good chance the contractor will offer you a discount without you having to ask for it.

Still, some clients are hopeful that a couple of hundreds of dollars will be slashed off from the finals service fee. Before we ask for a discount, let’s remember that like us, these contractors are simply trying to make money and maintain their businesses.

Trust us, businesses love the idea of getting more clients by giving discounts and offering special promos but there are just some situations where this won’t work and the company might even lose money.

While there’s nothing wrong with asking for a discount, there are some clients who would get annoyed when a contractor nicely said no or when the contractor simply slashed off $20 or $50 off the total cost of the project.

Look, contractors are almost duty-bound to give their clients a discount but if the clients cannot ask nicely and have no concessions to provide, a contractor is allowed to think twice before agreeing to a discount.

Offer something in return

Why should a Winter Haven parking lot paving contractor give you a discount? Have you been doing business with them in the past? Have you recommended them to someone in your network?

The only way for this working relationship to flourish is if you can also provide a little concession for what you’re asking—which is essentially money. Let the contractor know what you can offer in exchange for a discount.

A couple of things you can do is write a good review about them on social media and in online forums, recommend them to your friends in the industry, and put up signs of their company name around your store.

The Winter Haven parking lot paving contractor will most likely give you a discount when he knows he can get something in return for it, too. That’s the right way to do the business. If you want something from a business, you have to give something that will benefit them in the end.

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