Ask Your Haines City Parking Lot Paving Contractor These Questions Before a Project

When it comes to planning for your Haines City parking lot paving installation, it’s important that you get everything right. If you have a well installed, good quality paving installed, then you’ll have a parking lot that’s going to last you a long time.

However, if you end up with a contracting company that cuts corners and uses inferior materials, you may be seeing issues with your paving very early on, which will cost you more money in the future. From the contractor, to the paving company, and the materials used, everything should be of good quality in order to guarantee a long lasting parking lot paving.

Every single step should be done properly, from start to finish, which is why you need to get the very first step right: finding the right contractor for your paving project. Finding the right contractor is important because they dictate the direction that the project is going to take, from the materials that are going to be used, to the quality of labor.

So if you’re in the market for a paving contractor, here are some questions to ask them in order to make sure that you find the right one.

Do you have any references that we can check?

References are very important in verifying the work of a paving contractor. This helps you determine if the contractor is capable of providing you with the work that you need for your own project. Asking for references also allow you to check the character of the contractor, and whether or not they are a right fit for the project and easy to work with.

What is included in the scope of the project?

When talking with your paving contractor, make sure that the both of you clearly understand what is included in the scope of the project. This helps guarantee that there is clear communication between both parties, and that you both understand what the entire scope of the project is going to be.

What exactly do the fees cover?

Along with the scope with the project, all discussions about the fees involved with the project must be clarified. There may be additional fees included that you were not aware about later on in the project, and your entire budget has already been spent. All of these should be cleared up beforehand.

Are you licensed?

Not only should the contractor’s license be verified, but all legal paperwork pertaining to the Haines City parking lot paving project must be verified. This includes all related insurance and permits on top of the licenses.

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