Why Do Accidents Happen When Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Is Unpaved?

Winter Haven parking lot pavingThere was one news story that stuck with us. It was a story on how a sedan, whose driver was driving too fast for her own good, did not see the humps on the school’s Winter Haven parking lot paving and drove straight to a lamp post. The moral of the story is one, don’t drive too fast no matter if you’re in the streets or in a parking lot; and two, be mindful of the signs and the imperfections along the road.

Though the accident was a minor one, it should remind everyone that there is no such thing as a perfect driveway or parking lot. Even the most beautifully paved parking lot would have a hard time controlling accidents from ever happening. Sure, they can try and put safety measures on the parking spaces, but that’s all about it. The drivers would need to be careful, too, to ensure that no untoward incidents will happen.

There’s one thing that caught our attention with this accident. The driver argued that she did not see the humps on the parking lot because there were no visible signs on it. Meaning, there were no yellow or white zebra lines that would tell the driver he/she should slow down or come to a full stop.

That is the problem with most businesses in virtually every corner of the world. There is a misunderstanding or a lack of realization about the importance of a well-paved parking lot or driveway. Often, just because it is well-paved and has lights or safety measures in place, the business owners would neglect to see the need for warning signs.

Accidents happen in parking lots and even in your own homes’ driveways because there is a serious neglect of what is essential to the safety of the customers and the residents of those homes. When there is a rejection of what is essential and what must be paid attention on, you are also risking the safety of the people who are using the said parking lots and driveways.

Sure, maintaining a Winter Haven parking lot paving is quite expensive and smaller businesses may find it hard to infuse this into their budget, but it’s one of those essentials that you cannot turn your backs on. If it makes you and your customers safe, does it really matter if you have to spend hundreds of dollars a year for its maintenance?

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