A Look at the Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Installation Process

As a business owner, the process of an asphalt Lakeland parking lot paving installation is probably something that you are not familiar with. After all, the main thing that you should concern yourself with is running your business, and the decision to have a parking lot installed on your property was done for the sake of benefitting your business. However, it always helps to learn something new every day, so to help you out, here is an inside look at the Lakeland parking lot paving installation process.


If you already have an existing stretch of pavement, this must first be broken up and removed in order to make way for the new pavement. Take note that this is only done for the installation of a brand new pavement. If you’re only having your pavement resurfaced, then only the surface is removed.


Before a pavement can be laid out, it must be measured from all perspectives to make sure that when the pavement is installed, there will be no problems. This means measuring the slope and grade of the paving, which are essential for the drainage system of any paving.

Sub-base preparation

The most important part of the entire pavement is the sub-base layer. Many, if not all forms of premature damage can be attributed to the poor installation of the sub-base layer, so you need to make sure that this is properly installed if you want to make the most out of your pavement.

Binder application

Once the sub-base layer has been installed, the binder is then applied. The binder is made up of large aggregate and oil, which acts as the strength behind your parking lot.

Surface installation

Now that your paving’s foundation is about as strong as it can be, the surface layer is then applied. The surface layer is the most visual part of your parking lot and is what gives your paving that clean, black look that plenty of business owners look for in an asphalt parking lot. If you want to maintain the look of your pavement and minimize cracking, regular forms of maintenance, such as seal coating and crack filling will be needed.


Finally, compaction is performed on your Lakeland parking lot paving to round out the pavement installation process. This is done to compress the pavement, guaranteeing a smooth surface, as well as to finalize the strength of your parking lot paving.

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