A Guide to Plant City Parking Lot Paving and Temperatures

For all of its sturdiness as a structure, there are a lot of things that affect your Plant City parking lot paving. This can range from the cars that park on the parking lot all the way to the way the climate affects your parking lot. That’s right, the temperature in the air can actually affect your parking lot, sometimes, not in a good way.

It’s very important that you educate yourself on this accordingly so that you know how you’re supposed to prepare your Plant City parking lot paving for the changes in temperature. To help you out, here is everything that you need to know about how the temperature can affect your parking lot pavement.


The thing about asphalt is that it is best applied and worked on during the heat, so it would make sense for it to do well under the heat, right? The thing is, too much heat can prove to be problematic for your parking lot pavement.

This is because the sun gives off UV rays which, when it comes in contact with unprotected asphalt pavement, can damage it. It accomplishes this by warping the binder that holds the asphalt together, which can cause unraveling and further damage.

The best way to protect your pavement is by making sure that you keep up a regular seal coating routine to provide the most protection for your pavement. The seal coating will act as a sort of sunblock for your pavement and protect it from the sun’s UV rays.


The cold also presents its own share of problems for your parking lot. The cold affects your pavement especially when it is combined with preexisting forms of damage, like cracks. What happens is that water gets into these cracks and settle at the base of your pavement.

When the weather gets cold, it freezes, which expands the crack a little wider. As soon as the warm weather arrives, it melts, causing the crack to shrink. This repeats for several seasons until the foundation gets weak enough for the top layer to fall in from a lack of support, resulting in potholes.


The wet weather also presents its own fair share of problems for your Plant City parking lot paving. If your area deals with a lot of constant rains, this can cause the asphalt binder to be washed off, which can cause your paving to break down faster, leading to extensive damage.

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