A Guide to Alligator Cracking and Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving

As long as you own a Plant City parking lot paving, there are all kinds of damages that you’re going to have to look out for and worry about. While small cracks and general scuffing are annoying, these kinds of damages are easy enough to repair and take care of.

The thing you have to worry the most about is signs of damage that may indicate a more serious underlying issue. One of these types of damage is alligator cracking, which is easily identified by the formation of cracks in the shape of an alligator’s hide, hence the name.

To help you prepare for this, here is everything you need to know about alligator cracking in your Plant City parking lot paving.

What is alligator cracking?

What exactly is alligator cracking? It is easy enough to identify what alligator cracking is on your pavement, which allows you to take the needed action as soon as you see signs of this forming on your paving surface.

Alligator cracking is characterized by the formation of cracks in the pattern that is very similar to an alligator’s hide. If you see this forming on your paving surface, this usually indicates serious foundation problems, which requires your immediate attention.

What causes alligator cracking?

You might think that since alligator cracking is just another form of damage on your Plant City parking lot paving, it will be easy enough to just prevent it. However, the cause behind alligator cracking is not because of external factors, this is caused by internal foundation issues which aren’t easily seen or prevented.

The best way to prevent alligator cracking in your pavement is to simply make sure that you work with a reputable parking lot paving contractor to make sure that your pavement is structurally sound when it’s installed.

If your pavement is installed with a faulty base because it wasn’t thick enough to withstand the traffic load, or because the base was not properly dried, the damage will spread to the surface layer of your paving, causing alligator cracking.

How do you repair alligator cracking?

As mentioned before, repairing alligator cracking in your Plant City parking lot paving isn’t something that you can just fill and seal. If you’re looking for a temporary solution, you can seal coat your paving, which helps prevent the spread of the cracks to other areas of your pavement.

However, if you need to repair the paving completely, you should look into repaving solutions. Resurfacing your pavement will not do anything because the damage comes from the base layer, not the surface layer, which means that your entire pavement will have to be replaced.

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