5 Ways To Keep Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Safe For Employees

Your employees, the females especially, should not feel insecure about your Lakeland parking lot paving. As an employer, you need to keep your parking lot safe for your employees. that is one of your obligations. However, it cannot be helped that many of your employees will feel unsafe in the parking lot. We’ve all seen the news and watched the movies. Many things can happen in a dark and dingy parking lot.

Install and Repair Lights

A well-lit Lakeland parking lot paving will discourage thieves and other criminals from illegal activities there. Your employees will also feel safe if they know they can see every corner of the parking lot. If the lights in your parking are broken, call the repair company immediately. If you know that your parking lot that doesn’t have that many lights, start installing them now.

Post Rules

No matter how many times you remind your employees to keep safe in the parking lot, they will likely forget about it. It’s also harder to brief every new hire regarding the rules and regulations in the parking lot. What you can do is to go to post the rules in the area in the parking lot where it will likely be noticed. Some of the most basic rules are to stay alert, to be ready to open their car doors, and to close the doors as soon as they get inside the car.

Discourage The Use of Headphones and Phones

If you own the parking lot, you can discourage your employees to use their phones and headphones when walking in the parking lot. Some criminals will use this distraction as a way to do illegal activities. Your employees’ lives may be in danger if they seem distracted while walking the parking lot. While you cannot ban headphones entirely, you can discourage its use and explain to your employees why you frown at any kind of distraction in the parking lot.

Provide A Safe Waiting Area

If, for some reason, your employees have to wait for someone to pick them up or the locksmith, don’t let them wait in the parking area. Instead, build a safe waiting area for them so they don’t have to hang around an empty lobby after working hours. The area should be well-lit and there should also be security personnel present at all times.

Encourage Reporting Suspicious Activities

Your employee should be well aware of suspicious activities in the parking lot. If someone stays inside a car for far too long, they should be able to report the plate number of the car to security personnel. Encourage employees to look after themselves and their belongings.

By putting in place these security measures in the Lakeland parking lot paving, you’re ensuring the safety and security of your employees. They will likely stay with your company and be loyal to you if they know that you are taking care of their well-being.

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