5 Ways to Beautify Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

A Winter Haven parking lot paving is more than just for your cars. It’s something people notice when they arrive on your property. For the most part, this is the first thing that people see when they get to your property. They will notice the driveway or the parking lot. They will judge your property based on what they see from the outside. It’s easy to think that a home is not being taken care of when the lawn is unkempt.

So, what are the easiest ways to start beautifying your property? Here are some great ideas for you:

Canopied Trees

If you live in an old property and there are trees lined up on the driveway, why not prune them so the “canopy” is easier to notice? Old and large trees tend to bend to the sides because of the weight of their branches. These are sturdy branches and wouldn’t even need support. However, it will help if you could prune erring branches and leaves so that the canopy will be much fuller.

Channel Drain

If you are not building your driveway with permeable stone pavers, the next best thing is for you to add a channel drain in front of your house or on the sides of the main driveway. This will help prevent the pooling of water on the surface of your pavement. Although asphalt is a durable material and can withstand different weather conditions, water seeping down into its subgrade won’t do the surface pavement any good.

Plants Along the Edges

One major thing you can do to beautify your driveway is to line it up with plants. Make sure to use all-season plants so you don’t have to move them every time the season changes. Go with low-maintenance plants that you can prune, trim, and water with ease. Like canopied trees, this kind of driveway design will create an almost fairytale-like dimension leading to your front door.

Hedge Border

If you have a short driveway, the best thing to do to separate it from the rest of the road is to create a hedge border. It’s composed of low-hedges between the driveway and the walkway and entrance area. Hedges are easy to maintain, too. All you have to do is water and trim it down to the right height so they don’t take cover the driveway.

Garage Door

Another way you can beautify your driveway is to give a lot of focus on your garage door. There are plenty of options for you. You can choose a garage door made of frosted glass or wood planks. These will add an old-world charm to your Winter Haven parking lot paving.

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