5 Questions To Ask About Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Equipment

Winter Haven parking lot pavingCold weather asphalt paving will need specialized equipment in order to achieve the right compaction and the proper installation of the asphalt cement mix. Winter Haven parking lot paving during cold months is challenging because of the essentiality of keeping the right temperature of the asphalt mix.

As a client, you need to ask the right questions regarding the equipment that will be used on your pavement. Here are the five vital questions you need answers to:

  1. 1. When was the equipment purchased?
  2. Knowing when the equipment was purchased is essential for you to determine if the equipment is brand new or if it’s secondhand (when it was bought). Remember, most manufacturers of pavement equipment declare a certain machine obsolete and stop its production when it’s not up to their standards anymore.
  3. 2. What are the functions of the paving equipment?
  4. A pavement company may be renting out their equipment to other companies. It’s important to know details such as this because the equipment may be overused already. You need to ask the contractors what are the primary functions of the pavement equipment. Where are they being used? How long have they been in service? How are they being maintained? All of these will play a part on whether or not you want to enter into an agreement with that company.
  1. 3. How many rollers do you have and how wide are they?
  2. The number of rollers the contractor has will determine the success of the installation of the asphalt pavement. How? A roller will have to work fast to apply the mix on the surface. The mix should have the right temperature by the time it hits the surface. For some contractors, they also prefer wider rollers because this ensures maximum coverage.
  3. 4. When was the last time the equipment undergo maintenance?
  4. Aside from the fact that you have to make sure the equipment has undergone maintenance, you also need to know when was the last time it got checked. Contractors, as well as their clients, need to be ready for any eventualities that might cause the equipment to get damaged. Knowing when it underwent maintenance will help you determine whether the equipment is on topnotch condition or not.
  5. 5. Did the equipment experienced major mechanical issues before?
  6. Choosing a Winter Haven parking lot paving contractor is quite like purchasing a secondhand car. You need to know also any major issues—technical or mechanical—the equipment experienced in the past year.

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