5 Benefits of Restriping Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

In order to have a structured and organized Winter Haven parking lot paving, you need to have the stripes repainted from time to time. These lines often fade over time because of traffic, weather conditions like sun exposure, and the quality of the paint. Experts are suggesting that you should have your parking lots restriped every 18 to 24 months.

If your parking lots are fading, it’s time to have them restriped already. Don’t hold it off for later because you may encounter problems along the way. Here are the five benefits of having your parking lots restriped:


The most important aspect of having a restriped parking lot paving is the aesthetic. A parking lot must have vibrantly colored lines, so that it can improve the overall look of your business. Customers will appreciate that you took the time and shouldered the expenses to make their experience better. This is the easiest way to give your business a bit of a facelift.


When the parking lot is well-striped, it means that it is well-organized. Customers would know where to park their cars and where the driving lanes are. They would also know where the reserved parking spaces are for the disabled, pregnant, and the elderly. Just like stripes on the road, the stripes on the parking lot will act as guides to the clients.

ADA Compliance

The ADA or the Americans with Disabilities Act provides certain guidelines for parking lot stripes. The ADA requires that businesses, depending on the number of parking spaces your lot can accommodate, must have a more accessible parking spaces for cars and wider spaces for vans. Restriping will help you designate these lines, so that you can comply to these rules and make it a better experience for your handicapped customers.

Customer satisfaction

The parking lot is the primary service you can offer to your customers. It’s the first one they look for when they visit your business. They want to make sure that they are leaving their cars in a safe place. When you restripe your parking lot, you are showing your customers that their experience is important to you.

Reduced liability

When the parking lot stripes are fading, they can be hard for the customers to see. This can result in accidents on their part and therefore, a liability for your business. But if you have well-striped parking lots, then you have a strong case of providing a safe and secure lots for your customers. Visible and well-defined lines on your Winter Haven parking lot paving will lower the risk of liabilities.

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