4 Reasons Why Sealcoating Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving Works

Lakeland parking lot pavingWhen you think about it, Plant City parking lot paving is a huge investment, whether you’re doing it for your business or for your home. However, there are ways to lengthen the life of your pavement and that is through applying a sealcoat over it. For many, sealcoating merely makes the asphalt pavement look better, but do you know there are other reasons why you should consider sealcoating your pavement?

Reduces UV rays damage

The constant exposure to the sun can cause damage to the asphalt pavement because of the ultraviolet radiation. The same radiation that could make your skin look older than it is can also cost your pavement to look worn out and tired. Exposure from the sun can affect how your asphalt fade from rich black to washed-out gray. It can make the pavement less appealing, and it can also make the pavement look overly dry and cause deterioration.

Creates a barrier against automotive fluids

Any pavement will soon encounter vehicles that leak oil, transmission fluid, coolant, gasoline, or brake fluid. These are corrosive materials and could potentially soften the asphalt, weakening it and making it impossible to bear the weight of the traffic without crumbling or cracking. Sealcoating can help protect the asphalt from these chemicals because it won’t penetrate the pavement.

Increases the flexibility of asphalt

Asphalt pavement needs to be flexible to bear the weight of the vehicles passing on it. That is what sealcoating can provide the pavement. When the pavement is not flexible enough, it can become brittle and dry. Brittle asphalt pavement can easily break, crack, or crumble because of the weight of the vehicles. Sealcoating can help the asphalt retain the flexibility, allowing it to withstand the loads that pass on it.

Makes maintenance easy

We all know that in order for the pavement to prolong its life, it needs to be maintained and checked up properly and regularly. Sealcoating the pavement makes that easy because a smooth pavement offers less resistance when it is swept or washed. Good results can be achieved in no time when the pavement is power washed. During winter season, a sealcoated pavement also accelerates the time it takes for the pavement to melt the ice, making it safer for everyone to pass on it. This dramatically reduces the damage to the asphalt pavement, as well as the possibility of water to penetrate into the layers below the surface.

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