4 Qualities of a Good Lakeland Parking Lot Paving

Lakeland parking lot pavingThe Lakeland parking lot paving is one of the very first point of contacts your customers will have with your business. It can make or break your business—whether or not you actually care about the welfare of your customers and their belongings. It tells a lot about the kind of customer service they can expect from your business. That’s the beginning of every “love” story between a customer and the business owner.

Here are the four qualities of a good parking lot pavement. Make sure to have a checklist of these before signing that contract with the pavement company.

Smooth integration

If you have an existing parking lot that you want integrated into the new one, you have to make sure that there is a smooth integration of the old and the new pavement. Precision saw-cutting is the most essential first step that the contractor have to take in order to integrate the two pavements.

Gravel base

In order for your asphalt pavement to be sturdy, your sub-base has to be strong. Without a proper foundation such as a gravel base, the parking lot pavement may give up because of the weight of heavy traffic. However, the installation of a gravel sub-base takes deep experience. Make sure that the company you hired to construct your parking lot pavement has a lot of experience on this matter.

Proper drainage

Rain, snow, storms, storm surge, etc. etc. All of these would have to go somewhere. Water from natural causes have to flow, and that’s why a well-designed drainage system is the only way to prevent long-term damage on the pavement. Remember that water may look harmless at times, but it caused catastrophes in many forms, in many cities all over the world. Even a tiny bit of water that pools on the pavement may seep into small cracks and weaken the gravel sub-base.

Attention to details

It’s not enough that the asphalt pavement looks new and smooth. It has to feel that way, too. It has to feel smooth and almost flawless to drive on. The surface has to be even, and there should be no indentations that would cause traffic or accidents in the future. If a Lakeland parking lot paving company gives attention to details, this means that you can expect a smooth and even parking lot or driveway.

There is no shortcut to a smooth surface, so every one of these four qualities must be important to you.

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