4 Elements of a Good Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

How can you be sure that your Winter Haven parking lot paving is made of quality materials and will last for a long time? How can you be sure that this big investment is durable and is going to serve your customers and your employees for the years to come? How can you convince your investors to spend money on a parking lot paving so that it will bring more business to your company?

Unfortunately, not many people know about the four elements that make a parking lot paving stable and durable. Remember that just because you don’t see any potholes on the parking lot paving does not mean that it will last for a long time.

The true test of a parking lot pavement depends on many factors such as its reaction to harsh climates and the number of times it needed repair and maintenance work.

Smooth and Sealed Black Surface

That smooth black surface on your pavement is called asphalt. Many construction companies use asphalt because it is environment-friendly, can be recycled, and lasts for 20 or more years.

It is also cheaper than other materials such as concrete. When an asphalt pavement is properly installed, it will produce a smooth and sealed surface. Cars will drive smoothly on the surface and even commuters will be impressed by the smoothness of the surface they are walking on.

Bright and Clear Markings

Many asphalt surfaces have chipped and absent markings. Clearly, traffic rules and regulations require that parking lot owners mark their parking lots appropriately. It will keep commuters safe and will guide drivers accordingly.

When there are clear markings on when to go, when to stop, where the disabled parking is, where the pedestrian lane is, and where the slots are, then it becomes easy for drivers to navigate the parking lot. This reduces the incidences of accidents that can happen in your parking space.

Sealed Cracks

Sealants are not always applied after the construction and installation of the asphalt pavement. Rather, this is applied when the pavement is more than two years old. Many sealants are also reapplied every 2 to 3 years because this will keep the pavement from getting large cracks and potholes.

Even if your parking lot pavement is already a decade old, if it is well-maintained, there should be no potholes and cracks on it because it is well-sealed.

Sealants are incredibly cheap options for the maintenance of your parking lot. There is no reason why you should not invest in seal coating your pavement.

No Potholes

Obviously, your Winter Haven parking lot paving should have no potholes and cracks. The appearance of potholes and other surface problems on your parking lot is a clear sign that it is not made of quality and durable materials. At that point, contact your contractor and have them repair the problems on your parking lot.

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