4 Benefits Of Porous Asphalt For Lakeland Parking Lot Paving

Winter Haven parking lot pavingThe term porous asphalt refers to holes in the asphalt pavement that helps manage storm water or drainage problems. Porous material is most often used in Lakeland parking lot paving to allow the water (from rain or flood) to drain and infiltrate the pavement below. This helps in managing whatever substance that might pool on the surface.

That being said, porous asphalt is a wise and practical solution for homes and business. Municipal projects also use porous asphalt to provide a drainage solution for their water problems. Common uses of porous asphalt includes sidewalks, driveways, fire lanes, road shoulders and roadways.

Less runoff

Reducing runoff costs also decreases the expenses incurred due to maintenance and regular repairs and replacements, as well as the construction of storm water facilities. This is especially true for commercial construction projects wherein the reduction of runoff costs slashes off the need for large detention basin. In the long run, this will equate to cost savings.


Even after 20 years of existence, porous asphalt pavements rarely show cracking, splitting, or potholes. They can be issue-free for years. But of course, the longevity and the stability of the porous surface will depend on the proper installation of the porous asphalt pavement. To ensure that the holes do not clog, you only need to vacuum it occasionally.


When your pavement is made of porous asphalt, it can reduce the need for storm system basins and cooler asphalt temperatures. Porous asphalt requires less energy to be manufactured. It can also reduce emissions, odor, and smoke. Porous asphalt is coarser than standard asphalt but it still met the regulations set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Asphalt paving for Lakeland parking lot paving can be quite expensive, but the installation of porous asphalt will provide longer-term use of the pavement. This means that the overall lifetime cost of the pavement is reduced significantly.

Most home driveways prefer non-porous asphalt pavement since only a few people use it. A simple standard non-porous pavement is enough for a family. This is also more practical for homeowners since it costs less. But for businesses and municipal projects that fall under government regulation, a porous Lakeland parking lot paving is the perfect solution.

If you are facing problems because of asphalt pavement, you may look into the possibility of installing porous asphalt as this can solve all your pavement issues.

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