3 Unpopular Factors That Influence the Plant City Parking Lot Paving Cost

It is tough to estimate the final cost of a Plant City parking lot paving project without thinking about the engineering, the quality of the materials, the weather in the state, and the local permits and fees that have to be accounted for.

Generally, the main factor that influences the total cost of the parking lot or driveway is the size of the property and the kind of service that it needs. But more than that, the three factors listed below could also impact the costing of the project.


The final cost of the driveway or parking lot project will depend on the topography of your property, which includes the slopes, the angles, and the curves leading to the road.

It depends whether the contractor will be asked to flatten out the uneven surface of the property or he will need to follow the unique topography of the “pavement.” Then, there is also the issue of the drainage system. A parking lot or driveway needs a properly-designed and installed a drainage system.

If there is already an existing one, the construction of the new pavement needs to be engineered to fit that design. The more expensive option is to reconstruct and reinstall the drainage system, too.

Local permits

Any driveway, Plant City parking lot paving, or surface pavement that will connect with a public road must meet all the requirements set by the municipality that overlooks the maintenance of that road.

These requirements may include permits and fees that will compensate for changing the overall look of the auxiliary roads and pavement leading to the main road.

There are also certain requirements for the drainage system that your pavement might affect during the construction of your driveway or parking lot. Your asphalt paving contractor will be the one to deal with paying these permits and fees thereby, increasing the total cost of the whole project.


The type of weather where your area is will also influence the cost of the project. Why? The stresses applied to your Plant City parking lot paving because of weather fluctuations mean you may need to apply sealant more often than pavements in other areas.

Although contractors recommend the sealant to be applied only every two to five years, some cases may require it every year to prevent corrosion, cracks, and potholes from posting bigger problems in the future. The scheduled application of sealant on the pavement will add to the overall total cost of the project.

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